Education is not the fill…

Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame.” – Socrates


2 thoughts on “Education is not the fill…

  1. We hope that our 6-7 months “on the road” will create the beginnings of a lifelong curiosity, a desire for knowledge, a thirst for adventure, a tolerance and understanding of different people and finally, an unwillingness to settle for the “same old thing”. This adventure will ensure that they know that their responsibility isn’t just to be a vessel for a teacher (or a parent) to fill but to rather, reach out and grab what they need to know — when they need it.

    Here’s to bold, new beginnings!

  2. What a great adventure! Good for you! My parents were quite adventurous and moved us all over the world. One 8 month stint of living in a 2 room farmhouse in northern Italy (there were 4 of us kids and 2 parents!) comes to mind as a wonder-filled time of travelling all over Europe on long weekends.They just pulled us out of school and off we went.

    Enjoy your adventure!

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