Posted in August 2012

Does the Tooth Fairy visit in GB?

Elsa yanked another tooth this morning.  I wager it’s because she just wants some more GBP to buy more London paraphernalia.  Either way, I guess we’ll be having a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight.

The Road [Not] Taken

The other day right before we got caught in the torrential rain storm at the Tower of London, we were browsing in a small nautical shop that had tons of Titanic paraphernalia (Henry loves this stuff).  Henry and I found this neat antique brass compass with the following Robert Frost poem etched on the inside … Continue reading

An end to a great day

Just returned home from a great day of touring the city. We are all sitting on our porch overlooking Earls Court having a little snack, drinking a gin and tonic (for me) and enjoying a fine day! Wish you were here.

What a day!

Well, our first day in London turned out to be somewhat challenging.  It started early for me (about 6AM). I went in search of coffee (Americano) and something for breakfast.  turned up nothing but two coffees and three bottles of water.  i attempted to put the correct change in the meter so the rental car … Continue reading