What a day!

Well, our first day in London turned out to be somewhat challenging.  It started early for me (about 6AM). I went in search of coffee (Americano) and something for breakfast.  turned up nothing but two coffees and three bottles of water.  i attempted to put the correct change in the meter so the rental car could sit there from 8:30-10:30.  Note the word “attempted.”  This did not happen.  Walked out and saw Charlie. Apparently I had only put enough pounds in the meter for 30 minutes! The car had a boot.  Oh no.  It cost a night’s stay to get the car out of hock.  😦


Anyway, got the car out. Had school. Walked to Buckingham Palace, visited Charlie’s sweet shop and walked back.  Found a new place to stay – not avail until Sunday – and an intermediate place for two nights.  Marriott on the Thames right near the London Eye, etc., etc.  All is okay.  After this day, I have finally learned the real meaning of those signs “Keep calm and carry on.” After today, it’s a lesson I will carry forth.

Will send photos soon.



Thanks all. 


4 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. You learned quickly, the Brits are nothing if not rule followers. They take they’re rules VERY seriously-no matter how unreasonable. But a boot on day 1 is pretty impressive . I managed to years without a boot. LMAO!

  2. We have a print art design in our store that says keep calm and call mom 😉
    Or…. Freak out and throw stuff ! Sounds like you weathered both storms !

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