Posted in September 2012

The kids are doing great!

Here they are on their way to the Castle. Spending every minute of every day together. They are doing great. I am so proud of them.  They have their ‘moments’ (but don’t we all?) but 95% of the time they are perfect examples of great little travelers and best friends. Note I say 95% of … Continue reading

Chugging into Praha (Prague)

    Arrived into Praha yesterday. Planning on exploring today. We are in Old Town – wonderful old part of town.  The buildings are amazing.  Will post more photos later.  

Another great day with family

Wednesday – turned out to be a super day!  After a great day of visiting the city we took two trains and a bus to meet with Marita and Karin.  We joined Gerd (Karin’s husband) at Marita’s house for tea.  Then we all met up with the rest of the family for dinner at a … Continue reading

A great afternoon and cookout with family

Saturday we all enjoyed a nice visit with family in Spandau (an area of Berlin).  We took the subway and were  picked up by Andres (aka, Andy) who is a police officer in Berlin.  He is Karin’s son-in-law who lives in Spandau with his two daughters, KImmie and Jamie and his girlfriend Ulla and her … Continue reading