How to use this BLOG!!

Okay, just want to make sure this is super intuitive for everyone…

When you land on the home page (this is the same page that opens when you see a new post), you will see all the pages at the top.  Mouse over each of the pages like  “Stop 1: Dorchester…” / “Stop 2: London Travel Notes…”, etc.  – you’ll see some additional pages that show “Travel notes and photos”.  These pages are the main ones where I put all of the travel commentary and travel notes and lots of photos.  Hope that clears up any confusion that might be out there.  🙂


One thought on “How to use this BLOG!!

  1. Thanks Liz!! I had no idea. I went back and read all the material and looked at all the pix. Great Stuff. WHat a great experience for you and the kids. Pa

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