Sunday – First day in Praha could not be any better

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle in distance

This place is crazy beautiful!  Cannot wait to spend the next five days exploring and enjoying it all.  Speaking of enjoying it all… here’s a flyer to the concert we bought tickets to for this Tuesday!!  The Prague Royal Orchestra in the Municipal House – shown in the photo on the flyer.  And, another bonus is that it is walkable from the apartment!


5 thoughts on “Sunday – First day in Praha could not be any better

  1. Are you guys really going to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? That’s a violin concerto I actually have heard of and got. Each part represents the season and it was impressive when I heard I think the Boston Pops play that when I was a wee lad. Difficult to believe that, but my folks did try to pound some culture into my thick skull. Not to the scale of actually taking me to Prague. We on the other hand took our kid to Taco Mac after another second place finish for the 3rd graders on the gridiron yesterday. Not bad, I am closing on 50 beers, another 75 and I get my name on the wall. We had the whole cheerleading crew and some of the football players with us. Wonderful weather this weekend in Georgia. Took Nelson to the greenway and he is exhausted. Watching football this afternoon, Tech lost a close one to Miami yesterday. We received an extension on a project at work which may give me the opportunity to bring the gang to Rome. Cheers for now, Goose

  2. This looks amazing! Please make sure you visit the Jewish cemetary. I’ve heard it is worth it!

    Miss you guys, but so glad you are enjoying life!

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