Posted in November 2012

Blogging from the APPLE store in Marbella

Rainy day so we thought we´d go exploring.  Found a nearby mall.  Walked around a found the Apple store.  I realized how little I missed the commercial culture while away but of course, we had to stop in to see the new iPad minis.  Hopefully, we ´ll be leaving here soon and I hope not … Continue reading

Arrived in Marbella

Cruised into town in the rain yesterday.  Got to the new apartment and love it!  Great size — everyone has their own bedroom which is great because finally, Henry was not woken up by Elsa and actually slept in until after 9. Planning the final days of the trip now.  Hope to visit Tangier, Morocco … Continue reading

2,491 km from end to end!

Since October 30, we have been traveling from Rome through to Florence.  Florence to Monaco (by way of Pisa).  Monaco to Montpellier. Montpellier to Barcelona. Barcelona to Alicante. Finally, today we complete the last leg from Alicante to Marbella. Marbella is our last stop before heading home to Atlanta on November 19th.

Arrived safe and sound in Barcelona

Hi all, Arrived safe and sound today after a 3.5 hour drive from Montpellier, France. It wasn’t quite the same fabulous drive as we had from Florence to Monaco and from Monaco to Montpellier but it was nice and uneventful all the same.  Uneventful is what we were looking for! The Barcelona apartment is wonderful. … Continue reading