Slight change of plans

It’s been a while since I posted.

We arrived home on November 19 – right before Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to be back.  We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with friends and family. Not to mention, a wonderful trip to Beaver Creek with friends to ski after the New Years.

It’s February 28th and we’re still here in Atlanta.  Our original itinerary had us leaving Atlanta January 27 and staying in Bariloche, Argentina through February 23 and then from there, Chile for three weeks and finally, ending up in Costa Rica.  Plans changed and we have been homeschooling at home.  I have learned that it’s a lot tougher to do this while at home than it is traveling.  The kids (and I) have a lot more distractions throughout the day.

The new itin has us leaving for Costa Rica on March 16 and we’ll be there through April 20th.  We are really exited about this portion of our trip because we are expecting two visits from family and one from friends.  We also plan on taking a two-day trip to the Arenal Volcano which will include a walking tour of the Volcano Park (hopefully, this will not be the day of sacrifices  🙂 ) and then white water rafting on our second day.  We’ll also be pretty busy with our homeschooling, our Spanish tutor, and hopefully some family surfing lessons.

We found a great place to stay in CR — Casa Del Toro.  The kids are most excited about the monkeys that “visit” every day.  I think they’re planning on trapping one and bringing it home.  This will be fun to watch.


CR outdoor area

Picture above will be where I am sure they’ll set up their “monkey trap”.

CR masterOne of the master bedrooms.

More to report once we get there and get settled.

Thanks for reading.  More later.


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