Semester 2: South and Central America

We are very excited to have planned out our 2nd semester of our Homeschooling Adventure.  Honestly, this was a lot easier than the European leg to plan. I assume this is because I have become so accustomed and experienced with travel planning. Oh yea, I knew had to plan a vacation or business trip on the Internet – that’s a no-brainer. But, planning three months away in a country in which you are only vaguely familiar with – with about 15 different places to stay, trains, planes and automobiles (‘Mother, mother”…) was a Herculean task!  Thank goodness Charlie has put so much trust in my decisions and itinerary that he basically has “rubber stamped” (almost)  everything I have suggested.  Phew!

This looks like Heaven!

Anyway, I have become quite a force to be reckoned with…

We arrive home from Spain on November 19 and will enjoy every moment at home with friends and family over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

We leave on Monday, Jan 21 for Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We’ll be there for about 3-4 days before we trek across the country to Bariloche, the lakes region of Argentina.

San Carlos de Bariloche, usually known as Bariloche, is a city in the province of Río NegroArgentina, situated in the foothills of the Andes on the southern shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake and is surrounded by the Nahuel Huapi National Park. After an extensive public works and architectural buildup the city emerged in the 1930s and 1940s as a major tourism centre with ski, trekking and mountaineering facilities apart from numerous restaurants, cafés and chocolate shops. The city has a permanent population of 108,205 according to the 2010 census.

Bariloche is amazing!

Our apartment in Bariloche can be found at:

After we leave Argentina on Feb 23, we will fly to Santiago, Chile where we will spend about three weeks in a villa about 50 miles from downtown.  It is fairly remote and we will finally have our “live like a local” phase.

On March 16, we leave South America and arrive in Costa Rica.  We’ll fly into San Jose and stay in the Manual Antonio region.

Manuel Antonio Region

Although it is one of the smallest parks in Costa Rica with only 687 hectares, Manuel Antonio National Park serves as a home to at least 364 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, and marine life, both the common and the endangered, as well as numerous species of flora and fauna, making it of the world ́s richest eco-systems.

Decreed in 1972 by the Costa Rican government, Manuel Antonio National Park’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in Costa Rica, lined with lush green rainforest and offering excellent snorkeling opportunities. This jungle paradise is home to a host of exotic animals including 2 species of sloth, 3 species of monkeys, iguanas, birds, colorful little crabs, and an incredible list of interesting insects and reptiles, just to name a few of its natural wonders. The trail that winds around Cathedral Point affords some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular views.

When exploring the park, visitors are treated to an abundant variety of ecosystems and exotic wildlife. Cathedral Point, with its forest-topped cliffs, was once an island but is now connected to the coastline by a thin strip of land. This natural land bridge forms the narrow stretch that separates the park’s two most popular beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. The varied environment also includes primary forest, secondary forest, mangrove swamp, lagoons and extensive beach vegetation and features other popular points such as the blow hole at Puerto Escondido and the sea caves along Serrucho Point. There are also 12 islands off the coast that provide excellent refuge for rare and endangered sea birds and important nesting sites for the Brown Booby and the Brown Pelican. To date, 346 species have been discovered in the park, including 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, as well as an incredible variety of insects and reptiles and the huge endangered Oliver Ridley and Green Marine Turtles.

Here are a few photos of our place in CR – which is walking distance to the beach and the Manuel Antonio National Park!  We’ll be here through April 20! My birthday is when we head home to Atlanta, flying out of San Jose, CR.

Pool and outside living area in CR

Pura Vida!

The kitchen!


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