Costa Rica, Pura Vida…Part three – third and final chapter


Saturday, April 13

Elsa’s 8th birthday and we are heading off in about an hour to go ATV’ing —

Ready to party!

Ready to party!

What a day.  The ATV tour was incredible.  We used MidWorld this time as opposed to FourTrax.  It was so great.  It was true “off-roading” — up and down crazy steep hills and through a foot or two of water was only part of the day.  It was really terrific. Our guide, Diego then took us to an amazing waterfall where Alex, Charlie and Henry jumped off the top rock from about 20 or so feet up into a deep, cool pool below.  Do you think they would have learned anything from the previous day? Oh yea, don’t do the “Martha”.

It was really great.

Like soemthing out of a movie set

It was like something out of a movie set

Motley crew after ATV'ing for two hours and then swimming in the waterfall

Motley crew after ATV’ing for two hours and then swimming in the waterfall


View from one of the stops!

View from one of the stops!

After our ATV adventure, we headed home and everyone hung out for a bit before we headed for Elsa’s birthday dinner at Byblos, aka, “Monkey Town”.  Martha was really looking forward to seeing some monkeys and they did NOT disappoint.  A man at the pool fed them bananas – though you are not supposed to feed the monkeys anything, it was very cool to see them so close.  They were about 2 feet in front of us and both kids tossed little banana pieces to them.  





Grammy and her "kids" at Elsa's bday dinner

Grammy and her “kids” at Elsa’s bday dinner

Flying monkeys ahead — watch out!




Byblos dessert

Byblos dessert


Homemade queque! Too many sweets.

Monday, April 15  

Yesterday was a nice relaxing kind of day.  We hung out and cooked breakfast while Mom watched the Masters.  We headed to the beach after lunch and I guess because of the soon-to-be full moon, the waves were incredible.  Nonetheless, Alex decided to give surfing a go.  He had a lesson with Oscar and then headed out to the “spin cycle” where he was tossed around pretty good.  He actually got a few rides on his first go which was impressive especially considering the waves!  As the waves picked up, Oscar decided it was too rough so they are planning on finishing out the lesson this morning.



We were thinking about heading to Ronnie’s Place for a sunset sangria but thought the sunset would not be good because of the clouds — boy, were we wrong!




Not sure of the plans for today except for Jorge and dinner at La Luna — for the third time!

We ended up doing a little local shopping and hanging out.

Bruni watched the kids and we went to La Luna for dinner.



Tuesday, April 16

Today Henry, Charlie, Alex and I are heading to MidWorld again but this time for a zipline experience.  At MidWorld, they have the “Superman Line” which sounds amazing and somewhat terrifying.  Here’s what the MidWorld website says about it:

Ever wonder how Superman felt flying through the sky? Here at MidWorld, not only can you experience flying like the classic hero, but you can do so on Central America’s longest line! Standing over 1 km long, our Super “Mono” Rail offers one of the most beautiful and breathtaking rides without compromising your safety.



Martha, Mom and Elsa are driving to Tarcoles to do Jose’s Crocodile River Tour.  We watched some YouTube videos of this guy doing his thing with the Crocodiles and this guy is crazy!  Glad it’s him and not me.

What a great experience. The ziplines were terrific and the Superman line was like nothing before. You really felt as if you were flying.


All suited up.  Don't I look like a giant hotdog?

All suited up. Don’t I look like a giant hotdog?


Henry getting ready to launch!

Henry getting ready to launch!


Henry - in flight!

Henry – in flight!

Wednesday, April 17

I cannot believe a week passed so quickly since they all arrived.

Martha, Alex and Mom left today.

Today was also our last day of Jorge lessons so I cooked a big lunch for him and we all ate together after our lesson — even Bruni joined us!  It was fun.  Jorge is such a nice man. We learned that he’s also a Minister and makes most of his living performing wedding ceremonies for people who plan destination weddings.  We have really enjoyed our time with him and we all learned so much – even though Charlie would often comment about how the lessons were “brain benders”.

We plan on at least having weekly lessons at home so if anyone knows anyone who is a great Spanish tutor, let us know.

Thursday, April 18 

Today is our last real CR day because tomorrow will be spent packing and organizing to go home.

I think we’ll head to the beach and finally go parasailing off the beach.  Elsa has been asking to do it since we first arrived so it’s about time.

Thanks for reading.


Friday, April 19

We packed and organized today.  We are planning on leaving here about 7 am tomorrow to head back to San Jose for our flight.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support these past 8 months or so.  Our family and friends are what sustains us and allows us to live this dream — even if only for a little while.

Thank you.


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