Stop 6: Vienna and surrounding area travel notes and photos

Vienna, Austria: September 22 – September 29

Saturday, September 29:  Arrived in Vienna about 3:30 this afternoon.  Took a cab to the apartment and it is quite fabulous!!  Yea, so much space.  Love this place.  We are here through next Saturday, October 6 then we take a flight to Venice and will meet up with some great friends in Venice — Mike and Carly!

Charlie explored to find some cold beer and some olive oil I needed to cook dinner.  He discovered that we are just about two blocks from one of the most famous cathedrals in all of Austria – St. Stephens Cathedral.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Miss you all.’

Sunday, September 30:

Front door to our apartment

Our mini elevator from the early 1900’s.

Home sweet home…until October 6th!

Ah, the joys of renting apartments all across Europe.  This am, we awoke to our little mini fridge not working.   All of our perishables had perished.  😦  Called the landlord.  Tossed a bunch of food.  Left it all for a while on the hunt for breakfast and some easy BREWED coffee.  It was not to be had.  The apartment has a very funky (aka, super pain in the butt) espresso machine that requires two scoops of some really strong coffee and takes about 10 minutes to do one teeny tiny cup of espresso.  Are you kidding me?  Tomorrow am, I am going to the local SPAR to get some instant, yes I said “instant”. I am going to dive in and love it with all the conveniences it affords.

We took the tram on Inner Stadt ring — listening to Rick Steve’s Europe audio tour.  I’ll say it takes a fair amount of coordination to get it right with the timing of the audio and the timing of the tram but there was some interesting, albeit surface-type info.

a few blocks from the apartment — St. Stephen’s Cathedral

After taking the ring around one time we stopped at the MuseumPlatz.  This is an area where there are about 8 great museums within 2 blocks.  The kids and I had read about a place called “Zoom KinderMuseum“.   When we got there we realized it was a little different than we thought.  We made an appt. for the kids to attend the animation studio class that lasts for 90 min.

Zoom KinderMuseum Animation Class

Learning about creating animation at Zoom

Animation table showing the kids final shot with “credits”

We had a quick lunch and dropped the kids off. I would have been giddy with anticipation if I had planned a little better. Here we were with 90 precious minutes without the kids – we knew they were delighted doing what they were doing – and did not have a really good plan of how to spend our time.

Regardless, we figured it out.  Went to the Leopold Museum. There were having special exhibit of Egon Schiele — lived to only 28 years and had a very “interesting” life.  Most of the art in the Leopold showcases both art nouveau and the Vienna Secession which was formed in 1897 by a group of Austrian artists who had resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists.  The movement included painters like Klimt, and Schiele sculptors, and architects. Freud was also instrumental during this time because many of the artists used his writings as the foundation for their paintings.

Charlie is using my laptop to Slingbox with the Falcons game.

After we took the tram back round we took a quick walk through the park.


Great catch!

Came back and was at a loss for dinner.

Charlie found the Cafe Central.  It received some great reviews and was not too far from the apartment.  We were pleasantly surprised by the meal, the service and the restaurant!

Cafe Central, Vienna

Interior – view from our table.

Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow but we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.  Miss you all.
Monday, October 1:  After homeschooling, we made our way to the Museum of Natural History on the number 2 tram.
They have a very impressive rock and mineral collection which Henry loved.  They also had a great display of dinosaur fossils, human remains, etc.  It was not on the same scale as the Museum of Natural History in NY or Washington DC but it was really fun to see all the same.  Especially, considering that much of the content of the museum comes from the European / Austrian perspective.

I loved the way the Museum displays their collections — looks very “old school”.

Kids for dinner.

After the museum stop, we took the kids to see Vienna Time Traveler.  We saw an ad for a place nearby that had an interesting tour showcasing the history of Austria and Vienna specifically – starting with the dinosaurs, through the Turkish Invasion (Ottoman Wars) to the Plague during the 1400’s while they were building St. Stephens Cathedral to Mozart to WWI and WWII and finally their independence in as late as 1955.

The kids loved and we both learned a lot about the history of this part of the world.

Walking back from the Time Traveler, we walked through a few very exclusive streets that line St. Stephens Square – stores like Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc. were all there.  There was also this funky little street player who was playing a series of glass bottles all filled with varying degrees of water – he was amazing.  He had a crowd gathered around and was going to town.  I wish i could have videotaped it for you because it was so cool.  The kids thought it was neat.

He’s got a good groove

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Miss you all.

Tuesday, October 2:  First, let me say a big happy birthday to my dear friend and business partner, Sherri!  She turns a sweet 39 today!  Sorry I could not be there to celebrate in person!

What a great day!  We home schooled and got off to a bit of a later start – about 12:30. Went to a neat little Korean noodle house for lunch – fueled up and then made our way to St. Stephens – which is literally about a 10 minute walk from the apartment.

Stairs — on the way to the bathroom from the noodle place.

Got to St. Stephens in perfect timing to duck out of the rain – this is our first full day of a gray or rainy day we’ve had since we started our trip August 16th.  We’ve been very lucky.

Not to worry, we spent most of the day inside the Cathedral or at a Music Museum.

The tour of St. Stephens was terrific.  We all got audio tours and walked around for a while before we headed up the tower and down — into the catacombs.

St. Stephens Nave

View from top of tower – Vienna is a nice mix of old and new

Kids at the most famous cathedral in Austria

Okay, this is not smart.

I am not a genius but I would guess this is not the smartest thing to do – especially for someone who gets a little weird with heights.  I told him I would laugh harder than I ever did if he had gotten his head stuck.  This would have been a perfect learning opportunity — “Kids, do not try this at home OR EVER.”

Lipanzer Stallions – we are going to see them on Thursday!

]]] Recently excavated near city center Vienna – from Roman occupation in 12 AD

We had a super day today and tomorrow we head to the Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo.  Photos coming.

Thanks for reading.  Miss you all.


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