Stop 6: Vienna photos and travel notes PAGE TWO

Okay, no warning that there would be a page two but you know me better.

Palace from front

The Gloriette – built in 1775

Today we went to the Schonbrunn Palace which included our visit to the Schonbrunn Zoo, Labyrinth, the Gloriette and of course, the Apple Strudel Show.  I am not kidding.  Read on….

Zoo, first stop

Creepy bats!

Kids in the “rainforest”

After a long hike up the hill…

High above Schonbrunn Palace – on the Gloriette

Okay, so after we toured the zoo (oldest “menagerie” in Europe), we walked up the hill to the Gloriette, had some refreshments and ice cream, headed back down and into the labyrinth. Kids had a great time trying to get lost – we watched from a viewing platform for a little while and then joined them in another labyrinth.  It was a great day to get lost.

After all of this activity, it was after 4 pm so we decide we had to make a decision between racing through the Palace or touring and getting the recipe first-hand for the famous apple strudel. So, Henry LOVES apple strudel so of course, we had to go!  If you have anything smart to say about this, just hold your tongue until you taste my strudel!

Come on, come all…

Ready to bake.

I learned a secret today

From a tiny ball of dough, she gets this? Are you kidding me?

adding the apples, raisins, etc.

I want to be her. This is so effortless.

Okay, so I know i have gone a little strudel crazy but they also provided the Castle Secret recipe.  Mock me now if you will but I am going to be Strudel Master.  🙂

Tomorrow, we plan on taking the kids to the Prater which is an old school amusement park from the early 1900’s.

We have visited our fair share of museums, cathedrals, monuments, etc. so we figure it’s about time to let them be “normal kids” again and let them eat hot dogs and popcorn, ride  ferris wheels and just be kids again.  We’ll see!  Should be fun for everyone.

We might also take a river boat ride on the Danube.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. Miss you all.

Thursday, October 4: Not too much to report today. Homeschooled (2 days in one) and then took the kids to the Prater which is Vienna’s oldest park / amusement park built in the early 1900’s.

View of Prater from Ferris Wheel

Another view of Vienna from top

Classic “amusement” park in Vienna – horses and all

Not exactly Sophie and her stable of horses but it’ll do. 🙂

Henry, Elsa and Henry went on a mini-version of one of those round water rides.  I sat this one out and from the looks of it, it was a good idea.

No mind, my penance was due.  The kids and I went on the “classic” flume ride.  It was fun, a little scarey because it was so old but we made it out alive and not too wet!

Here we come

Pure joy

Then when Charlie and Elsa rode the sky high swings, Henry and I went on the old wooden toboggan – built in 1913 and I swear it felt like it was slick with cooking oil. I was going super fast in a little hay sack down this wooden toboggan course and swore I was going to flip out over on the next turn.  Happy to report — all fun – no pain.

Old toboggan tower

Walking up and up

Henry’s ready to go!

Here’s my perspective after Henry launched himself down and I was readying myself…is this a good idea?

Here’s Charlie and Elsa – sky high.

Not sure which ones they are but Charlie did NOT like it and Elsa just wanted MORE!

Tomorrow we are going to finish up seeing our sites, pack and get ready for the Vienna Boys Choir concert tomorrow at 4:00 pm.  They appear only three times in 2012 with a full orchestra and another choir – the first time is tomorrow, next is 9th of October and the third and final time is October 12!

We leave for Venice early on Saturday. We have an 8:45 am flight on AirBerlin connecting through Berlin to Venice.  Sounds like a pain? Yes! Bit compared to the train options from Vienna to Venice, it should be a piece of cake. Someone please remind me I said that on Saturday afternoon once we are settled. 🙂

Will send lots of photos tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.  Miss you all.

Friday, October 5:  here’s a good lazy day for you…woke up, kids and I watched The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe. This is Henry’s new favorite book series.  He started this book about 4 weeks ago for a school assignment, read it in 2 days and has since read all but one (The Last Battle).  

Then did a bit of schooling and then walked around and hunted for souvenirs and ate from Happy Noodle from lunch.

Came back to the apartment, got dressed for Vienna Boys Choir and headed over about 3:15.  Had front row seats which not everyone appreciated.  However, when I bought them back in May, I selected ‘Best available’ so I guess at that time, front row was it.  The show was super.  These kids are amazing.  The show was in two parts – one with just the boys choir and the conductor on piano for some songs.  A few of the boys played other instruments like the recorder, accordion and drums. After the intermission, a part of the symphony played with the Choir and it was terrific.

Music Hall – after the show

Me and the kids at Imperial Hotel Cafe prior to show

Charlie and kids

After the show, we walked until we found a good place for dinner (actually it was recommended by a nearby hotel concierge).  We had a great meal. It definitely ranks in the top 5 meals out for me. Guess what? It was also Pike-Perch (like I had at the Reichstad restaurant).  Henry had sausage, Elsa noodle and Charlie wiener schnitzel (veal).  After a great meal, we could not help but top it off with desert — Elsa ordered crepes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, Henry ordered crepes with warm raspberry sauce and whipped cream and Charlie, apple strudel.


We were all so full we really needed a 5 mile walk home but we were only about 1/4 mile from home.

We finished packing up, called the cab for 6:30 am tomorrow and finished the blog for Vienna.

Tomorrow we leave for Venice.  8:45 am flight.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.  Miss you all.

Walking home from dinner

You didn’t think that I forgot about the “jump” – I kind of did but remembered as we were walking into the apartment tonight. I am getting soft in the head!

Last effort at the forgotten “jump”


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  1. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading everything you guys are doing! Dad would have loved that toboggan ride and of course that apple strudel.

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