Stop 8: Rome, Italy. October 13 – October 31.

Rome, October 13 – October 13.  There’s never enough time to spend in Rome.  What a wonderful experience!  Not only will we get to take in all the amazing history of Rome and the surrounding area but by Henry’s request, we will be traveling to Pompeii!

Here’s some photos to the apartment in Piazza Navona.

Outside of apartment

This is a unique apartment, the ceilings of the ground floor and the first floor are wood made (‘a cassonetto’) as was usual in the XVI century. Almost all the chestnut ceilings are originals. The external walls are wide 32 inches(80 cm).

Kids sleeping area

The whole apartment was completely remodeled, the 2 bathrooms are ‘modern-style’ with all the comforts – including large showers.

Washroom area with a washing machine, dryer, clothesline and iron: the dryer is optional (additional fee for use).

Wi-Fi and cable internet connection in all rooms, PC with printer, scanner and photocopier.

Kitchen and living area

The apartment is located in the historical center of Rome.

Kids’ sleeping area 2


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